Pumice Odour Control Media


The use of our Pumice Odour Control Media (Lava Rock) in biofilters and bioscrubbers is increasing worldwide. It is a granular naturally occuring product that is a versatile alternative to traditional media such as mussel shells, plastic media, peat/heather and wood chips for use in biofilters, bioscrubbers and packed towers.


It is used to treat odours emanating from sewage treatment works, wastewater treatment works, industrial processes and industrial effluents. It’s used as the biomass support in the treatment of hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans and volatile organic compounds and has been installed throughout the UK by all the Water Plc’s.



Technical Data Sheet


1. Product Name / Reference


Pumice Odour Control Media


2. Main Intended Use


Odour Control Media in bioscrubbers, biofilters and wet scrubbing systems.


3. Chemical Description


This media contains no free silica


Compound Element Chemical Formula Typical Content
Silicon Dioxide SiO2 74.55%
Aluminium Oxide Al203 12.45%
Potassium Oxide K2O 4.50%
Sodium Oxide Na2O 4.00%
Ferric Oxide Fe2O <2.00%
Calcium Oxide CaO <2.00%
Magnesium Oxide MgO <2.00%
Titanium Dioxide TiO2 <2.00%
Sulphur Trioxide SO3 0.20%
Manganese Oxide MnO 0.10%
Carbon Dioxide CO2 0.10%
Ferrous Oxide FeO 0.06%
Phosphorous Pentoxide P2O5 0.005%
Combined Water H2O+ 4.35%

Determined by FAAS


4. Physical Properties


a. Bulk Density     600 – 650 kg/m3
b. Melting Point     1200 oC
c. pH Value     7.0 – 8.0
d. Specific Gravity     2.40 g/cm3
e. Hardness     6.5 Mohs


5. Sizes Available


Grade     Size
Pumice Odour Control Media TN     10 – 15 mm
Pumice Odour Control Media TP     15 – 25 mm
Pumice Odour Control Media TQ     20 – 30 mm
Pumice Odour Control Media TW     30 – 50 mm


6. Packaging


Packed in 1.0 cubic metre UV resistant IBC big bags.


Further Information and Technical Support


For further information and case studies please contact us at: info@techfil.co.uk





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