Perlite Filtration Media

The Perlite Filtration is course to medium coarse Perlite grades. Its highly pure filtration qualities for the powder filtration of liquids with high opacity level and for moisture removal from sludge. It is used for food and beverage processing, wine, beer, fruit concentrates, gelatine,  sugar, vegetable oils, dextrose, pectin, citric acid, scouring sediment and for the production of enzymes of all types.

Product Characteristics of Filtration Perlite

Filtration perlite is produced from crude perlite – a 5-10 million year old volcanic glass, via a production process of a sudden heating and distension. The Filtration Perlite particles are standard sized via grinding and air sifting process.. Production is done in a closed pipeline system, untouchable by humans and is pH neutral and sterile. It is an amorphous product, it is a low in weight, often 30-50% lower in density than other filter aids, whereby costs of using our product is lower. It is characterised by a very high wet volume and resultant filter cake with a high sediment intake capacity. Depending on the product filtered, the end filtrate will normally be allowed to be disposed free of charge, often offering fertilizer like properties.

The specific advantages of Perlite Filtration Media are:

  • Cost-effective due to long filter operating life and high flow capacity
  • Free from non-filtering particles
  • Formation of a fissure-free, homogenous filter cake, this guarantees reliable filtration
  • Highest possible purity, safe in accordance with EU directives and approved of by the US – FDA Administration for contact with food/feed products
  • Can be used in all food industries
  • Kosher Approved by our plant


  • In Rotary vacuum drum filters for continuous separation of large quantities of suspended solids.
  • In sheet and boiler filters for powder filtration can be used alone or in combination with other filter aid additives.
  • In tank filter presses for drainages and improving the permeability of sludges

Continuous Dosing

Filtration Perlite suspension should be dosed evenly throughout filtration in accordance with the opacity of liquid to be filtered. A continuous and economical differential pressure increase between filter in- and outlet and achievement of required clarity indicates that dosing is being carried out correctly.

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