Techfil Expanded Perlite Media


Techfil Perlite WarehousePerlite is the name of a naturally occurring volcanic rock and with special heating Perlite expands to Expanded Perlite. With heating at 1100°C Raw Perlite expands up to 20 times of its original volume and it now becomes a white sterile lightweight product with many great properties. Perlite has been used more than 65 years in all over the world. Techfil Expanded Perlite is a clean product without any chemicals, each particle contains countless of tiny glass-like bubbles. Here at Techfil we produce a vast amount of ranges for Expanded Perlite Grades; from our superfine powders starting at 0.075 microns up to our large grains at 10mm.

Perlite is used as an active filler in paints, coatings and grouts. IExpanded Perlite 2/8mmt is also used as an additive in textured coatings and plasters due to its lightweight and insulating properties. As it is inert and non-flammable it is extensively used in fire proofing and chimney lining applications. Perlite filter aids are used in the treatment of industrial effluents usually in a filter press system.

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