Plastic Media for efficient paint removal


Techfil has now added to its range of plastic sandblasting abrasives for paint stripping, coatings removal, pressure blasting, powder coating, deflashing, deburring, surface preparation and mold cleaning.  Our Plastic Media manufactured from 100% recycled materials in 3 grades of hardness: Type II Urea, Type III Melamine, Type V Acrylic. Commercial and Mil-Spec approved: MIL-P-85891A are both supplied.

Blasting with plastic media provides operators with the ability to remove paint and coatings from aluminium and steel, without warping, marring or pitting surfaces; or damaging mechanical functions, bearings or seals. Plastic media leaves surfaces stripped smooth for new paint and coating applications. Hard abrasives such as sand, steel shot and aluminum oxide can damage surfaces, however, plastic blast media offers excellent solutions for efficient paint removal without damaging even delicate surfaces when using recommended blast parameters.

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