Calcium-Based Antacid Tablets Made With Calcium Carbonate


Calcium CarbonateWhile a number of inorganic salts, calcium, magnesium and aluminum compounds have been used to formulate antacid tablets, calcium-based antacid tablets have become the norm. In addition to being effective acid neutralizers, calcium antacids also serve as a source of calcium, giving them a dual purpose. They are most commonly made in the form of chewable tablets, but swallowable or effervescent types can also be found. Tableted antacids are popular for occasional heartburn; they are handy to carry around, easy to take, and moderate in cost.

Calcium carbonate is the usual form of calcium used in these antacid tablets, and for a variety of good reasons: calcium carbonate is an effective neutralizing alkali, has a low purchase price making it economical, and provides a highly concentrated, highly bioavailable source of elemental calcium to help prevent osteoporosis. Techfil offers a high purity pharmaceutical grade calcium carbonate which has the ideal particle size.

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