Pumice Horticultural Media testing at Rothamsted Research Centre

As one of the world’s most prestigious research stations for agriculture and horticulture, Rothamsted Research were keen to test our Lava Rock Horticultural Media in an independent study against other comparable products for hydroponics use.


Rothamsted is the longest running agricultural research station in the world, providing cutting-edge science and innovation since 1843. Through “Classical Field Experiments.” methods, researchers at Rothamsted have made significant contributions to agricultural science, including the discovery and development of systemic herbicides and pyrethroid insecticides, as well as pioneering contributions to the fields of virology, nematology, soil science and pesticide resistance.


Rothamsted required our Lava Rock 3-7mm grade to be used in fresh and dry controlled environments along with Sand, Perlite, Plastic Media and Vermiculite. The trials were conducted over 6 weeks with all 5 medias being exposed to the same amount of sunlight and water in both experiments. This was conducted using American Wheat as the choice of crop.


From the image below Lava Rock Horticultural media is second on the right shows the best growth rate by some distance in fresh and dry conditions;


The Apogee Plant Graph showing the performance of Lava Rock media against it competitors. As the graph states Lava Rock not only recorded best growth during the 6 weeks, but also had the best recovery rate out of all 5 products used. The insulating properties of Lava Rock allowed the plant to grow at its optimum rate. As crop growing is seasonal, it is vitally important to utilise the weather and growing conditions to the best of your abilities.


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