Benefits of Pumice Media for Horticulture


Pumice in HorticulturePumice is a natural, lightweight, volcanic gravel widely used in agriculture and horticulture.

The porous nature and rounded particle shape enables optimum drainage, improves soil aeration and promotes strong root growth making it ideal for cultivation in pots and beds. This allows for frequent watering without reducing the quantity of air available to the roots. Pumice can also act as a natural filter in areas with exceptionally chemically rich water.

The use of pumice in glasshouses improves heating performance and contributes to energy savings. Its insulating properties increase the temperature of the plant food favouring plant nutrition and growth.

The absorbency of pumice allows it to retain moisture and nutrients. The then gradual release enables a considerable reduction in irrigation time and assists nurseries and growers with water usage. Pumice acts as a soil-builder, maintaining physical and structural stability, preventing soil compaction and improving exploited/poor soil performance.

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