The Perfect Feet to handle Flip-Flop Weather


Spa DisplayFor perfect the summer feet, use a Pumice Stone to remove the calluses on the heels of your feet. You can scrub the calluses vigorously because the skin is usually hard and thick in this area, also the heels of your feet are resistant to pain. After removing the unwanted hard skin on your feet, you can use a Pumice Grains exfoliating foot scrub to cleanse each foot to remove any dead skin. Afterwards rinse in water and moisturise your feet to make them feel soft and look great. Do avoid using heavy grafting type tools on your feet as can be dangerous and cause fungal infection.

Our pumice products are excellent natural exfoliants, they are organic and do not contain any additives. Pumice is a natural mineral and has a neutral pH, this means it is not only good for your skin, but it is also environmentally friendly.

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