From our high purity pumice deposit and modern processing facility, we produce a range of pumice powders, pumice grains and pumice filtration media that serve a wide range of applications. The mine has been in operation since 1948, with extensive pumice reserves that will ensure continuous supply for decades to come.


Pumice Mine


Our modern manufacturing facility (opened February 2007) enables the production of super fine pumice powder for the paint and coatings industry and standard sized pumice grains for water treatment, SWRO, RO, pre-treatment prior to desalination, horticulture and cosmetic scrubs etc.



We now offer more than 30 standard sizes in a variety of packaging options. We also have the capability to produce special sizes to meet your needs. As one of the leading pumice suppliers in the world, we offer pumice products that are used in a wide variety of applications, including abrasives, fillers, seed coating, cleaners, paints, coatings, metal finishing and metal coating, water treatment, wastewater treatment and odour control (bioscrubbers/biofilters). Increasingly our pumice filtration media is now specified as the pumice media of choice in most water filtration applications.


 Manufacturing Facility


We can store in excess of 500 metric tonnes in our modern warehousing facility, this ensures prompt delivery to our customers throughout the world.


Techfil Store


 Please feel free to contact us at for more information or samples of any of our products.

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