Pumice Catalyst Support Media



Pumice Catalyst Support Media is widely used in oil refining, petrochemical and natural gas plant devices, where they hold catalysts beds. Two applications where Pumice Catalyst Support Media  are widely used are during the desulphurisation and hydrodesulphurisation processes. There are many types of oil refining; they are used in hydraulic separation and catalytic reformation. Also in petrochemicals, the pumice media is used in naphtha. In natural gas the pumice is used for mercury removal and sulphur recovery



Pumice Catalyst Support Media is popular due to:


  •  It is a lightweight product (500 – 600kg/m3)
  •  It is capable of withstanding high temperature (Up to 1200 °C)
  •  It does not melt when mixed with a strong Alkaline



The Pumice Catalyst Support Media is used in the reaction tower (Reactor) in oil refinery complexes, there are catalysts filled inside. In order for the pumice media to hold these catalysts, the product must be spread out in layers on the top and bottom of the reactor, so catalysts beds can be held in the middle. Then when the crude is poured inside the reactor it flows through and has a chemical reaction. The catalysts are fixed so there is no abrasion damage from vibration. This supports a stable reaction



Our Pumice Catalyst Support Media is available in the following sizes:


D Pellets – 5 – 7mm

H Pellets –  10 – 15mm

N Pellets – 15 – 25mm




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