Exfoliants / Cosmetic Pumice


Pumice Powders and Grains


The use of pumice in cosmetics scrubs is well established. It can be used in both exfoliating facial scrubs and foot scrubs. The pumice particles provide an excellent exfoliating medium which gently removes dead and rough skin leaving it fresh and revitalised.  Pumice powder is found in a variety of shower and body gels to clean pores and restore skin vibrancy. For industrial use pumice-based hand soaps and scrubs remove the most stubborn grime without the need to use harsh chemicals.


Pumice Powder is used in;


  • - Melt and Pour Soaps
  • - Cold and hot process Soaps
  • - Shower Gels
  • - Face and Body Scrubs
  • - Foot Scrubs
  • - Exfoliating Masks


Cold process soap


For facial scrubs we would recommend our Pumice Powder 3/0, FF and FFF. For foot scrubs our Pumice Grains ½ and No.3 are recommended.



Pumice Pellets


Our range of dry pumice pellets from 5 – 50mm are perfectly suited for pot pouri and decorative applications. Their lightweight and extremely porous nature makes them ideal for absorbing both colour and fragrance.



Aluminium Oxide



Micro-dermabrasion is a general term for the application of tiny rough grains to buff away the surface layer of skin. Aluminium oxide is widely used as a micro-dermabrasion media to help rejuvenate skin giving it a fresh feel.


Micro-dermabrasion using Aluminium Oxide can:


  • - Remove dead skin cells and thoroughly cleanses pores
  • - Perfectly smoothes the epidermis and restores youthful glow to the skin
  • - Visibly reduces wrinkles depth
  • - Intensely moisturizes and protects skin from overdrying.


Full range of macro and micro grits available.



Please feel free to contact us to discuss our full range.

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