Lava Rock the preferred Odour Media for Anaerobic Digestion

January 27th, 2017

The challenge of disposal and processing the municipal gas wastes into the atmosphere from anaerobic digestion, which is a source of offensive odours and a problem to the local environment. Controlling the odours generated by landfill activities is a challenge facing the waste management industry today. Lava Rock Odour Control Media is becoming a popular choice to help with the off gasses. This is due to its key attributes including;



Low capital and installation costs
Low pressure drop during the life of the plant
Allows high bed depths and therefore small installation footprint
Low empty bed contact times
Good removal performance
Tolerance to variable and shock loads
Not seriously affected by extremes of temperature
Suitable for hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans alike
Equally suitable for industrial applications and VOC control




Lava Rock Odour Control Media is rapidly replacing the traditional biomass support systems of peat/heather, wood chip and mussel shells. Not actively participating in the biological process pumice is not “consumed” in the manner of the alternatives and therefore has a much longer life (typically greater than 15 years). It does not compact and retains its original low pressure drop and hence low running costs.


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