Plastic Media

Plastic media is  used to strip delicate surfaces of their existing coating. Plastic  abrasives deliver a high stripping rate and consistent performance,  ideal for paint stripping, mold cleaning, deflashing and deburring.

Plastic Media

The  use of plastic abrasives has proven to be faster, less damaging to the  substrate and much less expensive than wet chemicals. Since the plastic  abrasive is harder than the coatings to be removed, yet softer than the  substrate, coatings can actually be stripped three or four times without  damage to the surface. We offer both Military (MIL) and commercial  specification grades for all applications.

Technical Data Sheet

1. Product Name / Reference

Plastic Media

2. Main Intended Use

Blasting of components and molds, stripping delicate substrates, industrial scrubs

3. Chemical Description

Type Description
Type II Thermoset Urea Formaldehyde
Type III Thermoset Melamine Formaldehyde
Type V Acrylic (cross linked polymer)

4. Physical Properties

a. Bulk Density
Type II 0.93 – 0.96 g/cm3
Type III 0.70 – 0.72 g/cm3
Type V 0.64 – 0.80 g/cm3
b. Shape Angular
c. Colour White / Multicoloured
d. Specific Gravity 1.10 – 1.52 g/cm3
e. Hardness 3.0 – 4.0 Mohs

5. Sizes Available

Grade Size
40/60 260 – 438 microns
30/40 438 – 625 microns
20/40 438 – 1040 microns
20/30 625 – 1040 microns
12/20 1040 – 1765 microns
6/16 1230 – 3460 microns

6. Packaging

Packed in 25kg silver sacks, 25kg boxes and 125kg drums.

Water Filtration No
Odour Control No
Green Roof Systems No
Cosmetics Scrubs Yes
Dental Treatments Yes
PCB Scrubbing Yes
Glass Treatments Yes
Metal Finishing Yes
Lightweight Precast Concrete No
Odour Treatment No
Seawater Reverse Osmosis No
Automotive Polish Yes
Effluent Treatment No
Horticulture No
Construction No
Hand Cleaner Yes
Paints & Coatings Yes
Lightweight Plasters Yes