Calcium Carbonate in the Food Industry

January 16th, 2020


Calcium is an essential mineral that can be found naturally in foods such as dairy products, soy milk, or as a dietary supplement like calcium carbonate or calcium citrate. Calcium Carbonate is a natural mineral, derived from the earth’s limestone, marble or sedimentation of crushed marine shells. Food grade calcium carbonate is usually added to many foods like ready-to-eat breakfast cereals and cereal bars, milk alternatives such as soy or almond milk, and some baked goods. Selecting foods fortified with Calcium Carbonate can help you reach your daily requirements for calcium. Techfil supply Food Grade Calcium Carbonate offering high purity and high whiteness.


Milk - Calcium Carbonate


Our Calcium Carbonate does not contain harmful heavy metals and meets international food safety tests including REGULATION (EU) N. 231/2012 (E 170). E170 Food grade calcium carbonate is mostly used as food additives, such as alkaline agent in food processing, nutritional supplements, dough regulator, curing agent, yeast nutrients, anti-caking agent, bulking agent, additives and modifiers of gum confection. Our products also can be added in calcium fortified food, gum confection, leavening agent, flour products, cereals, biscuits, dairy products, soft capsules and other products, and is an ideal raw material of organic calcium salt for high purity pharmaceutical grade calcium citrate, calcium lactate, calcium citrate-malate and calcium gluconate etc.


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Seasons Greetings and all the best in 2020 from us at Techfil !!!

December 17th, 2019

From all of our staff here at Techfil Europe, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!




Fine Pumice Powder used within the Paint Industry

December 4th, 2019

Pumice fine powder is being used increasingly in the paint and coatings industry, this is an alternative to traditional fillers due to its low density and unique particle morphology. Pumice powder provides Interior paints with Burnish resistance, flatting, low sheen and low film porosity. The use of Pumice in exterior paints and stains provides outstanding tint retention, mildew resistance acid resistant giving frost free surface and increased cracking and flaking resistance. Pumice powder can also be mixed into emulsion paints to change their colour or simply mixed with water to use as a wash. The hardness, chemical resistance, and abrasive qualities of pumice powder, also make it deal for floor and deck coatings. Pool deck coatings have been successfully formulated with pumice powder and in some cases pumice grains for a number of years.


Pumice Paints


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Expanded Clay Slurry Tank Media

November 13th, 2019


Techfil Europe now produces a specific Expanded Clay media grade that assists with pollution control. Our Expanded Clay works as a fantastic product to be used at odour control treatment Sewage Plants to purify the air. Expanded Clay is also commonly used in slurry tanks due to the product being easy to install, cost effective and able to achieve great results.


Slurry Tank


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Expanded Clay, The Best Support Media for Green Walls

November 5th, 2019


Techfil Europe has recent supplied our Expanded Clay Media for a large Green Wall project at an international airport in Brazil. Not only the Green Walls look aesthetically great, it also offers insulation to save on heating costs and produces Oxygen to promote a healthier communal space. Our Expanded Clay is also widely used within the Green Roof industry for the same reasons.


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Techfil Recycled Glass Blast Media

October 31st, 2019


Techfil Recycled Blast Media is produced at our plant by using 100% recycled glass cullet, our feedstock originally comes from bottle glass and windscreens. Recycled Glass Media is extremely popular because of its;



Low Carbon Footprint

Delivers an Even finish

Low Cost

Removes Rust

Safe to Use


Glass Blast Media



We offer our Recycled Glass Blast Media in a variation of sizes for all projects with packaging in either 25kg polyethene sacks or 1mt (1000kg) IBC Bulk bags.


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Recycled Glass Filtration Media

October 11th, 2019


Due to the high demand for recycled materials, Techfil Europe now produces Recycled Crushed Glass specified for Water Filtration. Our media has been tested and approved by the Drinking Water Inspectorate under Reg31 for portable water for human consumption. Not only is the Recycled Crushed Glass is cost effective, it is more environmentally friendly.


The 3 main grades available in our range are:

Fine 0.5–1.0mm

Medium 1.0–3.0mm

Coarse 3.0 – 6.0mm


Please note we can produce specific grades to replace the current products you use if required. For more information on the products or if you would like a free sample, please click on one of the following links: Technical Specification, Contact Us





Pumice Water Filtration Media

September 17th, 2019


Pumice Filter Media is now recognised as the filter media of choice when replacing anthracite in multimedia filters, rapid gravity filters and trickling filters. This filter media gives exceptionally long filter run times and significantly reduces backwash costs due to its lower density. Our Water Treatment Division is headed up by our Chief Process Engineer who has over 30 years in this field.


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Water Filtration CAD


Dental Pumice for Cleaner Teeth

August 22nd, 2019

Pumice Powder is added to dental cleaning products where a gentle yet effective abrasive is require. Pumice is a product that originates from volcanic activity so is totally natural. Techfil have been supplying Pumice into the dental industry for many years and works closely with large distributors globally.


Techfil Dental




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Benefits of using Pumice Lightweight Aggregate in Construction

August 2nd, 2019


Pumice Aggregate is seen as a preferred choice to other materials in construction due to its lightweight. Where the pumice is a third lighter than other materials, it is easily and cheaply transported by either men on site or by haulage. When the pumice is used in a concrete mix, it increases the elasticity of the product, providing a more flexible compound. This is beneficial for high rise buildings which have to cope with additional natural elements like wind or storm natural forces. Pumice Aggregate is a user friendly product for the workforce when completing tasks such as drilling or sawing. Also being a volcanic rock Pumice in a concrete compound delivers a higher fire rating protection compared to other replacement aggregates.


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