Seawater Desalination Plant – Mossel Bay, Western Cape

In 2Mossel Bay Desanilisation Plant010 we were asked to supply our Pumice Filtration Media to a desalination plant being built in Mossel Bay, South Africa. The plant was to be built in record time as the area was experiencing its worst drought in over 130 years. The production and supply of our pumice filtration media was to be completed in less than 3 months with commissioning taking place in late 2010.

Once completed the plant would produce 5 mega litres per day of process water and 10 mega litres per day of potable water for the local area.

In total 270m3 of our Pumice Filtration Media No.6 (1.2-2.4mm) was supplied, filling six dual media filters. These filters removed the micro particles that would otherwise foul the RO membranes.

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