Dental Pumice for Cleaner Teeth

August 22nd, 2019

Pumice Powder is added to dental cleaning products where a gentle yet effective abrasive is require. Pumice is a product that originates from volcanic activity so is totally natural. Techfil have been supplying Pumice into the dental industry for many years and works closely with large distributors globally.


Techfil Dental




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Benefits of using Pumice Lightweight Aggregate in Construction

August 2nd, 2019


Pumice Aggregate is seen as a preferred choice to other materials in construction due to its lightweight. Where the pumice is a third lighter than other materials, it is easily and cheaply transported by either men on site or by haulage. When the pumice is used in a concrete mix, it increases the elasticity of the product, providing a more flexible compound. This is beneficial for high rise buildings which have to cope with additional natural elements like wind or storm natural forces. Pumice Aggregate is a user friendly product for the workforce when completing tasks such as drilling or sawing. Also being a volcanic rock Pumice in a concrete compound delivers a higher fire rating protection compared to other replacement aggregates.


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