Cosmetic Europe backs ban on Polythene Microbeads

July 21st, 2016


Due to the US Food and Drug Association (FDA) banning Plastic polythene microbeads from cosmetic products, Director General John Chave of Cosmetics Europe has backed the same enforcement across the whole of Europe. The microbeads are not only harmful for the environment but marine wildlife are mistaking the beads for food, causing life threatening internal issues. For example 1 single tube of facial scrub can contain over 330,000 microbeads.




The Pumice Products Co. cosmetic range has several grades which can be used as direct replacements for polyethylene microbeads. Pumice Grains and Powders are natural, organic, inert, have a neutral pH and are environmentally friendly.


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The Perfect Feet to handle Flip-Flop Weather

July 11th, 2016


For perfect the summer feet, use a Pumice Stone to remove the calluses on the heels of your feet. You can scrub the calluses vigorously because the skin is usually hard and thick in this area, also the heels of your feet are resistant to pain. After removing the unwanted hard skin on your feet, you can use a Pumice Grains exfoliating foot scrub to cleanse each foot to remove any dead skin. Afterwards rinse in water and moisturise your feet to make them feel soft and look great. Do avoid using heavy grafting type tools on your feet as can be dangerous and cause fungal infection.


Our pumice products are excellent natural exfoliants, they are organic and do not contain any additives. Pumice is a natural mineral and has a neutral pH, this means it is not only good for your skin, but it is also environmentally friendly.

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Perlite Filter Aids

July 8th, 2016


Expanded Perlite is an extremely lightweight product and is created by putting raw perlite into a furnace, which ultimately changes the chemical composition. In filter systems especially in the beverage industry, Expanded Perlite Filter Aid makes a filtering layer (cake) that transfers the filtered product from the septum/wall. If the septum has no expanded perlite filter aid, the filtrate would not be clear, in fact the liquid would be dirty, muddy and murky. Also it is worth mentioning without using Perlite Filter Aid the solid particles in the liquid will gather together, decrease the filtering surface area, lose optimum quality and eventually block the septum.



filteraid cake Diagram


The Perlite Filter Aid has adds no taste or odour to the liquids that have been filtered. The material is also insoluble in mineral and organic acids at all temperatures. Another benefit of perlite filter aid is when is when it comes to the end of the filter cycle, the filter cakes still remain through the liquid and prevents impurities passing.




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Pumice Products used in Industrial Hand Cleaners

July 4th, 2016

Techfil are pleased to announce a new grade of Pumice Powder specifically designed for Industrial Hand Cleaner formulations. The 0-3/4 Pumice powder is very tightly graded and contains minimal fine parts. This aids dispersion and performance of the finished product. We are always pleased to forward working samples of our pumice powder for testing purposes.


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