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Pumice is used sed for a variety of applications including as a Pumice Filtration Media, Water Filtration Media, Pumice Odour Control Media, Pumice Catalyst Support Media, Abrasive Media… Know more.


From our high purity pumice deposit and modern processing facility, we produce a range of pumice powders, pumice grains and pumice filtration media that serve a wide range of applications. The min

Techfil Company

Techfil is a major supplier of pumice based industrial products for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India and Australasia. Our products include pumice powder, pumice grains, pumice pellets, pumice aggregate and pumice filtration media. Techfil has a formal supply agreement with a major pumice producer for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India and Australasia. This agreement ensures continuity of supply of pumice to our key distributors and end users Worldwide.

Pumice MineOur range of pumice powder, pumice grains and pumice filtration media is acknowledged to be one of the finest available on world markets. Our modern manufacturing facility (opened February 2007) enables the production of super fine pumice products for the paint and coatings industry and standard sized pumice products for water treatments, SWRO, desalination, horticulture and cosmetic scrubs etc.

The use of our pumice filtration media in water filtration applications is increasing worldwide. Pumice filtration media is now recommended in potable water treatments, seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO), desalination and waste water treatments. Pumice filtration media is increasingly being specified for contracts involving pre-treatment prior to SWRO and desalination, in both new and refurbished plants. This is due to its extremely high particulate removal, low density and its versatility; it can be used in mono and multi-media filters in both pressure and rapid gravity filter designs.

All our pumice filtration media has British Standard approval (BS EN 12906-1999) – Products used for treatment of water intended for human consumption and UK Drinking Water Inspectorate approval. Additionally our pumice filtration media meets all the chemical and physical testing requirements for AWWA B-100 and DIN EN 12906.

We are currently in the process of seeking full SWCC (Saline Water Conversion Corporation) approval to further expand our Middle East Division.

Techfil are also the appointed distributor for the UK and Ireland for leading calcium carbonate producer Mineraria Sacilese SpA (Italy). Their Calcitec range of products are produced in accordance with ISO 22000 and are BP, EP and USP approved for use in food and pharmaceutical applications.

As a company we understand the importance of encouraging product development and have structured our site accordingly. Our customers must have access to the relevant physical and  chemical data, MSDS , plus laboratory and working samples. The testing and approving our products in formulations, processes and mechanical applications is our priority.

Pumice Mineralogy

Pumice MineralogyPumice is volcanic rock that is a solidified frothy lava typically created when super-heated, highly pressurized rock is violently ejected from a volcano. It can be formed when lava and water are mixed. This unusual formation is due to the simultaneous actions of rapid cooling and rapid depressurization. The depressurization creates bubbles by lowering the solubility of gases dissolved in the lava, so that they rapidly exsolve. The simultaneous cooling then freezes the bubbles in the matrix.

Pumice is composed of highly microvesicular glass pyroclastic with very thin, translucent bubble walls of extrusive igneous rock.  Pumice is commonly pale in color, ranging from white, cream, blue or grey, to green-brown or black. It forms when volcanic gases exsolving from viscous magma nucleate bubbles which cannot readily decouple from the viscous magma prior to chilling to glass. Pumice is a common product of explosive eruptions and commonly forms zones in upper parts of silicic lavas. Pumice has an average porosity of 90%, and initially floats on water.

Scoria differs from pumice in being denser, with larger vesicles and thicker vesicle walls; it sinks rapidly. The difference is the result of the lower viscosity of the magma that forms scoria. When larger amounts of gas are present, the result is a finer-grained variety of pumice known as pumicite. Pumice is considered a glass because it has no crystal structure. Pumice varies in density according to the thickness of the solid material between the bubbles; many samples float on water.

There are two main forms of vesicles. Most pumice contains tubular microvesicles that can impart a silky or fibrous fabric. The elongation of the microvesicles occurs due to ductile elongation in the volcanic conduit or, in the case of pumiceous lavas, during flow. The other form of vesicles are subspherical to spherical and result from high vapour pressure during eruption.

Techfil Quality Control

Pumice Quality Control
Pumice Quality Control

All the industrial minerals supplied by Techfil are produced in accordance to the strictest guidelines. Our partners are operating to internationally acknowledged standards and issue certificates of analysis and conformity.

Our products are supplied to the following important industries: water filtration, odour control, construction, horticulture, fish farming, printed circuit boards, metal finishing, glass treatments, cosmetics, dental, food and pharmaceutical. Additionally pumice is a key component in industrial hand cleaners, polishing compounds and resin bonded systems.

Pumice in water filtration is a growing area of importance. Pumice filtration media is recommended for potable water treatments, SWRO, desalination andwaste water treatments. Pumice filtration media is being specified for an increasing number of new contracts and refurbishments.

Pumice Applications

Pumice ApplicationsPumice is widely used to make lightweight concrete or insulating low-density concrete blocks. When used as an additive for cement , a fine-grained version of pumice called pozzolan is mixed with lime to form a light-weight, smooth, plaster-like concrete.

It is also used as an abrasive, especially in polishes, pencil   erasers, cosmetic exfoliants and the production of printed circuit boards. “Pumice stones” are often used in beauty salons during the pedicure process to remove dry and excess skin from the bottom of the foot.

Finely ground pumice powder is added to some toothpastes and heavy-duty hand cleaners as a mild abrasive. Pumice powder is recommended for  glass, mirror and crystal polishing. Pumice is a very effective tumbling media for industrial components, deodorant rollers, golf balls, plastic dice/toys, buttons & jewellery, silver  cutlery, pewter mugs etc.

Both pumice powder and pumice grains are ideal compounds to remove stubborn stains and polish the surface. In car polish to remove old wax build-up and polish the painted surface pumice is proven. Also pumice powder is used widely as a  filler and conditioner for rubber rollers.

Many of our principles operate to internationally accepted quality standards including ISO9001 and ISO22000. The pumice aggregates supplied are produced in accordance with  EN 13055-1:2003 (Lightweight aggregates for concrete, mortar and grout).

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